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Thread: Scone the DCS, FC, SACS, APDMG, BASC

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    Scone the DCS, FC, SACS, APDMG, BASC

    I visited Scone this weekend to get my points of view across regarding the current proposals by the DCS..
    They all agreed that they had been overwhelmed by the number of insenced stalkers who vented their anger over the proposals.
    The DCS tent had moe than their fare share of angry stalkers,so much so that Alistair Mcgugan was told to leave and wander about the fair to diffuse the situation..
    This does not mean however we should ease up!!

    The minister concerned with this consultation paper is Roseanna Cunningham Minister for the Environment and we should direct our responses to her as well as Steven Macgregor who is collecting all the responses to put forward to ministers.

    below are the e-mail addresses

    What did come over is that we should stop slinging mud at each other and unite to attack these proposals and if we are successful then we can resume the mud slinging ..

    Get sending you responses in!!!


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    Maybe Griff you should have been at the Minsters meeting on Friday, at the DCS/FC stand when the Minister put across the current view to the subject that seem to be causing so much turmoil ,that only the select few are really bothered about, I was at the meeting and listened with a open mind to what the Minister had to say.

    I also spoke to all the agencies about the subject, they like myself are not to bothered as the current draft is unworkable in some areas requiring work before any further consultation to a bill is reached and becomes a government paper which can take years .

    Much the same words the minister herself used

    To save a lot of stalkers getting irate over not a great deal ,get your individual letters off via the Respondent Information Form, which is attached to the bill ,that way each and every response can be dealt with appropriately, showing that there is genuine concern to the current draft .

    NOT on a web site .

    That isn't going to do any of us much good, other than have a good moan to each other about it, thats the truth of the matter .

    These returns must be returned by the 4Th September 2009

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    Cheers Griff,

    Finialising my responces now.

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    Widdows son,
    If I was wanting this to go through un-opposed I would put up a smoke screen just like the ones the DCS the FC and the Minister of the Environment have done..Lull us into a false sense of security..

    The only way is to send a response like you say to the powers that be, so that they are fully aware of this devious survival plan by the DCS.


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    Widowson your daft if you think this doesn't matter it maters enough for them to put the so called unworkable bill forward . Spend millions of pounds on the subject (TAX PAYERS MONEY ) Still they are doing there research in to what the public think with out involving the public well that will stop. But they will love all the yes men that say it don't matter you will become one of there friends that get invited to the meetings.Then your name will be used as we speak to stalkers there with us on this or there not that bothered.
    Try reading the paper and ask how it will effect you .

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    The people who came up with these proposals will have known from the start that it would upset stalkers. It is a side issue to them and will not deflect them one iota from their intentions.

    However, their objective is just that - to regulate stalkers, so while they will have anticipated this, dealing with anger from stalkers will be factored into the process they have planned. They would not have expected anything else, and their risk assessment would plan for the contingency of having to face stalkers' wrath, and then ignoring it because it is quite simply irrelevant.

    These proposals will need to be challenged on the basis of a) no need b) counter productive to them achieving their aims c) damaging to other areas e.g. economy, holiday stalkers.

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    LDG ,Davie: have you actually read what I wrote or just glanced at it or made your mind up that i had written something and just replied to it read it, stop just bumping your gums or your fingers in this case .

    What I did say is that none of the agencies are to bothered with the current draft as there is much of it that is unworkable in its present state.

    That is the reason there is a response form attached to the draft bill, so like minded people thats stalkers and others, who work within the environment, that the current draft will effect, can put there views forward allowing the civil servants to look through all the due correspondence, then forward it in due course to the ministers in question, they then have action groups that will make changes ,as and when required via a further draft of the proposed bill released to the public for the same process to happen all over again .

    This is not the place to air your views or get on your high horse do whats been asked for and not on here , its on the respondent form then something might just get done .

    Thats if you have a genuine interested in the bill , as I am thats the reason I took the time to go and speak to the agencies that we pay to do this type of work for us .

    Also to see what the minster had to say in response to the draft copy of the bill , all informative stuff from all sides .

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    I also spoke to all the agencies about the subject, they like myself are not to bothered as the current draft is unworkable in some areas requiring work before any further consultation to a bill is reached and becomes a government paper

    This is your post and yes i read it and if you are not to bothered on the one hand but find it important to meet with the said people i find your post bemusing and negative. While it is not workable in its current state as you say this is the time to put our point across before they make it workable with out our imput saying we didnt give a feck. So while you go out shooting all them deer at 500 mtrs with that DOD of wood i will continue with my campaign in a positive way.

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    Widows son

    Which agencies did you speak to?


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    BASC, BDS , SASC, SGA ,AMDG ,Countryside alliance and DCS. No doubt the same people you spoke to yourself, Griff.

    Davie whats my rifle doing in this conversation things getting to you, as for 500mtr shots on paper yes .

    But again thats nothing to do with this thread is it ,
    Lets get back on track .

    Play nice now Davie.

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