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    syndicate advice

    hi there, ive been asked to put a syndicate in on a an large estate, its a new venture for me im just woundering how i should go about this.
    there are many issuse to look at, number of people, legal issuses, insurance and so many more.
    any advice is greatfully welcome.
    many thanks

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    Simon firstly you need to know how many syndicate members but on most estates forestry only 3000 acres would be between 4to6 stalkers then they will all need public liability insurance to 10million bds basic sacs or whatever then most places now you must have level 1 then you need to divide the lease into areas so that is safely possible to have more than one stalker on the land at any one time with a safety zone between them .you will need to vet all your syndicate members and draw up a set of rules and a risk assessment /method statement for stalking high seats ect . A couple of syndicates I have been in had a booking system on google calendar which I thought very good and you must tell the members to stick to the rules probably missed a few things out
    Atb tom

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    Also get eyes on boundaries asap. OS maps are ideal, then photocopy (subject to Copyright restrictions of course...!) and highlight. Mark out any Public Rights of Way... As Tom says, insurance via BASC etc is mandatory, and Level 1 probably a good idea if only to put the landowner's mind at rest - we all know that this means little in real practical terms, as there are stalkers on here that have been 100% safe and never put anything nasty into the foodchain in 50 years, but... For each Syndicate member, get a breakdown of their experience - a Firearms & Stalking CV if you will. I appreciate that this will seem complete overkill to many, but better have more to hand than you need, than have to keep going back to the Landowner answering new questions. Cheers i.
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