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Thread: Opinions on Sonic moderators please - 243

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    Opinions on Sonic moderators please - 243


    Could anyone give me any opinions on the Sonic range of moderators please? My local RFD stocks them, they are modular and strippable, and over barrel, but despite searches here and elsewhere on the web I can't find much info at all from anyone who has owned one, or has any first hand experience on noise suppression. Price is around 220, I had been reading threads with interest on the Atec Maxim, but would have to travel a good bit further for one I think (I'm on the N Yorks/Lancs border) so was interested to look at the alternatives. The rifle gets occasional use, foxing and stalking, so I'm not after something "professional" quality, just something to calm the muzzle flip a little, and preserve whats left of my hearing! I do like the idea of something I can strip and clean, as sometimes the rifle spends a couple of months or more in the cabinet.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Certainly no worse than any other mod on the market at the moment and one of the new breed with an internal brake

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    I have one on my .223, had it nearly a year, can't fault it. Just as quiet as friends t8's and wildcats only lighter and smaller. I have stripped it a few times but not really needed to clean and thats with very hot loads, best to keep a bit of moly grease on the threads and i spray the back tube out with WD40 now and again. The only problem i had was the first few months of use with not cleaning it, the internal muzzle flash galvanizing festered a bit where it protrudes through the first alli baffle and took a bit of getting off. Cleaned it up and been fine since, my fault because i left it. So im more than pleased and only cost me 180

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    This has been done before so might be worth doing a search
    I have also had one on my 6.5 for over a year and very happy with it I run hot loads and also long strings of fire, when i can be bothered to strip it down it still looks like new inside with no gas cutting, I would buy another but reckon mine will last along time.
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    Thanks chaps. I wasn't sure if they were new to the market, therefore not many users, or poorly thought of, but either way there seems to be very little on the web regarding them, and my experience of mods is so limited that I have to take advice here. Of course the gunshop reckons they are a good product...!

    I might just take a punt on one of these once I've tried it on the rifle for balance etc. Anyone else have a view?

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