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Thread: Expensive toys 4x4's

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    Expensive toys 4x4's

    Well as I live and work very close together I commute by quad feeding the shoots inhabitants with wheat every day so getting home this afternoon was easy my wife however has taken 2 1/2 hrs to come some 10 miles or so and only made it to the next village fortunately the shoot goes right upto said village so I got the l200 fired up and went x-country to pick here up .it was effort less on the snow and I have to say although they are expensive to run insure and generally sit on the drive boy it was handy tonight her work colleague hasn't made it home and ended up in a ditch after a 180 degree spin so glad she had the sence to park up and call .i expect the insurance firms will be a little busy for a day or two yet .
    Cheers Norma

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    i,m the only 1 on my road with a 4x4 all be it 11 houses and i,m the only 1 with a car in drive so far lol.
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    Worth every penny, nipped out earlier and its great driving past the ones in the village who like to think they are 10 bob millionaires stuck in there fancy cars

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    I was still using the TransAlp back & to to work today, A little care leaving work, & a little more on the last 400 yards to the house.
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    karma, just gone to go out in 4x4 and a flat battery lol. that will teach me
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    Made me laugh Stav

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    Quote Originally Posted by stav View Post
    karma, just gone to go out in 4x4 and a flat battery lol. that will teach me

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    loved it today,

    Some of those who look at my wee vitara when im in and out in the week must think what a silly we thing. (those with Volvo estates and alike)

    well i went to take the dog for a run down beside H4H and have a good walk with the wife and the youngest girl. there was 14 cars of all shape and sizes from the soldiers quarters all over the place (still 7 out there now) and i have been out and back again 3 times,

    dog walk,
    chinese take away and ill be out in a bit to collect the oldest from her boy friends.

    love it, a visa card......................priceless,

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    Would not be without one. I've had an old Subaru Forester as a second car for years, and recently got rid of a 335D touring, replaced with a VW Amarok, and just love it.

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    oooooooooooooo yeeeeeeeessssssssssss lol,but will not have a bad word said about them
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    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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