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Thread: Keep loosing Frost Clipper!

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    Keep loosing Frost Clipper!

    Am I the only one to regularly lose Frost clipper knives when they unclip from my belt? They are cheap and easy to replace but a bugger to go hunting for your knife after a long and circuitous stalk, and once a deer is on the ground!
    Any thoughts - other than lose weight so it won't pop off your belt?


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    frost knives

    gabriel i carry my knife in one of the pockets of the roe sack never have any problems till now

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    I use the Frost Clipper but in bright orange. If you loose or drop it on the ground it should stand out like a sore thumb. There are probably lots of people who paid for expensive knives and due to the dull colour were never able to retrieve it, I would be gutted!!!


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    Never carry any Frosts on your belt...always in a pocket, the sheathes are so crap it's untrue.

    Alternatively get yourself a good bit of leather and make a decent sheath for it. It's not too hard, I know a could of chaps who've done it with very satisfying results. I can find out more details if you're intersted.

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    I'd be interested Frax thanks. Is by chance any of them left handed?


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    No guarantee still doing - and no commercial connection etc etc etc

    Dougster over on British Blades/ BCUK does leather sheaths for these. Will make left hand to order - also produces quite a few by accident when too distracted!

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    I ended up getting a small bag to put my stuff in, there's only so much I can stuff in my pockets, knives tend to be a bit too long to fit in my pocket. I found my Frosts unclip themselves too, though more when sitting down in a high seat...

    The downside being that you get tempted to carry more, like a drink, a snack, spare knives, drag rope etc

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    I wrap a bit of electricians PVC tape round mine. Works fine, never lost it yet.

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    Use a bit of bicycle inner tube, slip it over the clip to tighten it to the body and hold it firmly on the belt.

    Works fine on no 2, no 1 was lost in the woods before I used inner tube!!!

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    Got any details Oakleaf??



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