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Thread: South American Sport

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    South American Sport

    Hi folks, looking for a bit of advice:

    A good mate of mine is getting married in Lima, Peru in early November of this year.

    Since I am going to be in S. America, it would be good to try and do some field sports as I shall probably take at least a 2 week holiday.

    So, does anyone have any pointers on what might be fun in November in South America. (Doesn't have to be Peru, since I'll be down there a bit of extra travel is relatively unimportant).



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    High volume dove shooting? I also believe there is whitetail in Peru?
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    Those are my thoughts, or maybe something with the rod..?

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    Hey Scrummy

    Hope your well mate

    Near wore my rod out in S.America back in the forces days..

    Have a good one bud

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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