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Thread: storeage temp

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    storeage temp

    hi there,
    if your bullets are stored in a cool but dry cabinet does this effect the powder?, i know there is an ideal store temp but what if you bullets below this. or if your out in this freezing weather, or your ammo is locked in a safe box in back of my truck where the temp is the same as the outside side temp


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    Lots of powders are temperature stable, some others have been shown to have altered ballistics in extreme heat or cold, what powder is in your cartridges?, .... or are you on off the shelf stuff?
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    Simon you said bullets but I take it that you mean ammo? As finnbear says ammo and reloading powders are designed to be stable over a fairly wide range of temperatures so I wouldn't worry about it. You also mention locked in your truck. Well they will only be in there and possibly exposed to variations for a relatively short period of time while you are transporting them won't they. You don't store them in there normally do you.
    I'd only start worrying about it if you are going on safari to Africa or the Arctic where prolonged extremes of weather make it advisable to use certain powders.
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    at the moment in only using factory loads, but i was woundering if there would be any problems if they kept in cold conditions, but when i start home loading i plan to use my garage/workshop to store powder, is dry but cold in there.
    thanks for the info, its worth checking, as the weather is really cold at the moment

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