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Thread: Old Pics

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    Old Pics

    Found some old photos in the draw in the days before digital cameras!

    A few Roe, couple of Sika, Bole scoring from Sika, couple of broken feet and burnt feet of a Roe that I culled!

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    Think I should have posted in the scrap book section?

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    No matter. Some excellent photos brought back to life.
    I reckon Stag can produce a few as well.

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    nice photos 8)

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    That's hardly ethical Deer Man!
    Setting fire to the forest and then shooting them with that old musket as they run out with theit little feet 'on-fire' is just not sporting!

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    A winter of the early `60s with my first stalking rifle.


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    Stag, very nice! what's the rifle combination?

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    Rifle made by Geyger of Berlin on a Merkel hammerless ejector action with Krupp special steel barrels.
    Calibre 7X65R [Rather like a rimmed .270 in performance.]
    Regulated for the RWS 11.2 gramm Bleispitz bullet. [ 173gr Soft point.]

    Scope, Zeiss Zeilsechs, steel, 6 power on claw mounts.

    In the many years I had it I shot 5 species of Deer [but no CWD] here with it also Wild Goats in Scotland, and also a Chamois in the Austrian Alps in 1968.


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    wow your 1st stalking rifle was a berreta under and over things must have n=been different in the 60's

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    Things WERE different in the `60s , we treated wild creatures with more humanity and respect than this current generation.

    My rifle was not a crappy Beretta, it was quality German manufacture.


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