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    Just been looking for a liver pate recipe, found what I was looking for but on the search i noted that the heart was a big winner across the pond, even more so than liver. Kidney was a no no!

    Has anyone or does anyone like deer heart. obviously only good if the heart is in one piece, but it got me thinking. only thinking at the moment, I don't think i'm brave enough just yet.

    Any thoughts gents?


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    Stuff it with cooked rice! Nice big red or tiny muntjac, all good!

    forgot to add, really good mixed in with burgers!

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    I normally save the pluck and make haggis with it. But pork has to be added.


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    i like the heart a bit chewy but a nice flavour, one of my daughters likes it aswell

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    how do you cook it just roast it in tin foil with the rice in it or what ? ive never tried the heart might give it a go

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    Ensure you cut the valves off the top of the heart as their a little chewy. Wash and blood out and you have some prime meat for stir fry. Slice up similar to a pepper.

    Can be filled with stuffing and roasted too.

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    as said cut the top valves of it hollow the inside. stuff with onion, pin head oatmeal and plenty butter wrap in foil and roast slowly. really good. other wise dice up and stew in casarole either way you really like it

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    I tried Kidney's yesterday, pan fried in seasoning but i dont think i will be rushing to eat them again evil things.

    Liver Pate came out cool though

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Stuff it with cooked rice! Nice big red or tiny muntjac, all good!

    forgot to add, really good mixed in with burgers!
    Most of your budget burgers have beef hearts in. Along with horse of course.

    I like heart sliced and fried with mushrooms, onion and kidneys then served on toast. I have heard people say it is tough and needs a lot of cooking ( hugh fearnly whittingstall being one.) but unless deer hearts are any different to lamb,pig or cow hearts I haven't found this to be the case. I would say it is a good "starter" offal as it doesn't taste all that Offaly good to get people hooked on before you get them into the real hard stuff like kidneys, liver and brains.

    I have made venison Faggots and black pudding in the past nutty and they were well nice, no pork added. But it has never occurred to me to try haggis. I can feel a project coming on!

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