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Thread: Foxing Buddy Dumfries Area

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    Foxing Buddy Dumfries Area

    this is gonna sound like something from the lonely hearts collumn but here goes

    ive been let down for the 3rd time by my lamping buddy either he wants to go out drinking and partying or he has something else on , geting a bit sick of being let down i try to get out at least 1 night a week lamping foxs mainly but i do have big nights at rabbits and hares (once or twice a year) ,i dont use a 4x4 on any of my ground at the moment as its very wet so it all has to be walked, im looking for someone in the dumfries and galloway area preferably someone who drives and has some ground of there own to bring to the table, im the kind of person who can go out around 8pm and not get in to around 4am in the morning , i do lamp myself but sometimes its better to have someone else holding the lamp or vice versa when chasing after charlie, if anyone is in a similar postion to myself get in contact

    cheers robert

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    seriously im begining to think theres no hope on this one over 130 views and no replys seriuosly? lol
    thinking im gonna have to buy myself a scope mounted lamp :-(

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    Would love to join you mate but always too busy
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    Just a bit too far for of luck with the search though
    Enjoy yourself's later than you think !!

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