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Thread: Foxes starting to pair up

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    Foxes starting to pair up

    Seen a couple of foxes paired up today going out tonight to see if I can see anymore.


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    Yep heard lots calling out with the .243 in a hour to hopefully silence a couple

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    Definatly are, been seeing them together all week as well as two sets of tracks

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    A pair gave us the bird last night, ...... bloody wind direction all over the place.
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    they have been like this all month januarys the month of love in the fox calandar!

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    Quote Originally Posted by robert1666 View Post
    they have been like this all month januarys the month of love in the fox calandar!
    Only started see them paired last week here. Normally see them paired up around 10th here. This weather is helping me don't really need the lamp much.


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    They have been pairing up since before christmas with us down here.

    Halved 3 pairs last week and 2 outsiders all in the first 4 fields of one farm. So will be up there again this week, also have picked the neighbours farm up off the back of 9 foxes in 2 outings.


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    Yep we the same down hear they been paired up since way before Xmas. Me and bobjs have at least thinned out 3 pairs so far.

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    shot a vixen out on the local shoot saturday, she was already heavy with cubs!!!

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    Agree all but over, two weeks ago they were chasing around like greyhounds, no calling all week, we shot 2 dogs and 2 vixens this week. Calling by us started mid/Late Dec.

    Nows the time to get on top of them before cubs are born.


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