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    About two years ago I bought myself a pair Minox HG 10x52 bino's, before purchasing them I had a 1500 pair of Swaro's borrowed off a freind who had given up stalking. After using the Swaro's then trying out the Minox in the shop they seemed every bit as good and at 730 for German bino's with a 30 year warranty, a bargain.
    I was ok with them at first but over the past year or so I'm finding it more difficult to hold a steady image, even off the sticks, my freind an AW tells me its because my glimmers are starting to deterate and that I should be coming down to an 8x magnification.
    Can anyone out there throw some light on this subject, is he right do I need to downsize, could there be a nice pair of bino's for sale ?.

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    At the risk of stating the obvious - if you can't hold them steady then coming down in magnification will help and as you've stated that you can't hold them steady it is a sort of "self answering question." It would be well worth giving a set of 8 magnification binos a try to see if they are any better. As we get older we are all less steady and I guess if you can't get a decent view from the 8X binos then it might be worth talking with the doc. Also some medication can make you less steady, i have an inhaler which causes a very slight shake for example.
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