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    Spaniel pup

    Hi, my spaniel pup louie is now nearly 7 months old and he has only one testicle, i have been told that the other may drop later is this anything to worry about now or is there plenty time yet?
    Thanks Neil

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    I would give him untill 9 or 10 mths ,assuming its there/// too drop, if still no sign then it prob need op too get at it, as can be come cancerious when retained, hope drops soon, lets no outcome,

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    Thats what i thought myself, but a bit worried he is a real nice pup i was actually going to give it a year.

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    I would not worry to much, i think the older they are the less chance there is thou. My springer had the same, it can turn cancerous but i would not rush in to get it dug out and choppped off, in the old days (until quite recently) they just left them but how many dogs died off cancer ?

    As it turned out mine scratched his eye a wee touch and they had to knock him out anyway so i got them to do it then when he was about 2ish, i also got them to leave the other 1 on the outside intact, weren't that happy about it but i didn't want it to affect his drive or anything. I dunno if it would but u hear so many stories, he's a bloody great dog.
    I'm sure ur vet will keep u right

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    Unlikely to drop now, but OK to leave to 12months and then remove because of cancerous risk. I've also seen an internal testicle become twisted requiring emergency surgery. Routine to remove the other, unlikely to affect the dog.

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    My BMHs pair did not drop until he was about 14 months. At his yearly check the vet who did the check advised to have him operated on and both to be removed. Glad I did not take the advise but it is based on sound knowledge. Personally I'd be leaving him for a while yet.

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