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    Teckel Hounds


    Does anyone on SD have or breed Teckels, as I am thinking of taking of an addition to my GSP (Woody), he is a great dog & I am sure that his faults are in most cases my fault with his training, I just find him so bloody head strong in as much as that he is the one that is doing the hunting & I am just there to help out kind of thing & tag along with him

    Woody's a great dog, a real help with tracking & will sit under a highseat in the grass for hours, but at 60lbs in weight he's a bit bloody big to take up a seat to sit in your coat-let alone the fact that you would get liked to death, he is 7 years old now so he has many years left in him but I would just like to have another younger dog to train & have up to full opperational status so that whe the wood dog is getting too old & creaky to get out of his bed at 3am-that I do have a fully trained youngster ready to go.

    In addition in most cases I have myself & at least 1 other of my lads out most days stalking on some of our ground at the same time so both dogs would see plenty of field time anyway.

    I have never owned a Teckel Hound before but understand that they are great for tracking in that they are much smaller & in the scent line at ground level.

    If anyone has any experiance or knows of any litters due than I would be greatful, I am based in Hampshire Area.

    Regards Lee

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    Hello Lee, how`s things?
    Google these-
    Darswed Teckels or Kennel Teckel.
    Failing these, go to, you may find some litters through their site.

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    I had a German stalking companion in Eire [ROI] who had a wire-haired Teckel called Vasti.
    This little chap would find dead or injured Deer easily often taking a line opposite to what the stalker believed to be the correct line.
    I often felt sorry for him as his legs were so short and because of the heather etc he must have had the most polished `nuts`in Eire.
    His only problem was his love of hunting rabbits.
    One morning when Herr Walter was here stalking Roe with me he took off and we had great difficulty rounding him up in time for Walter and Paddy to get down to the ferry for their journey home.
    Happy memories of yesteryear when I was young and fit and not demoted to an electric scooter.


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    Roedinator has a teckel, I'm sure he will be able to help.



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    I dont know about the rest of you on the site, but I recon stag1933 should post more of his hunting memories and pics.

    I for one would look forward to it.

    Sorry to hijack your post lwcdart but Im sure you understand



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