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    Dog box's

    I am looking for a dog box for the wife's motor. Can anyone recommend a company that sells good but cheap box's ??. I know of the Lintran and transk9 but wondered if there was a cheaper version out there. Needs to be almost fully covered, trying to stop the hair from her dogs flying all over the new motor.


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    Call Debbie at Cab Transit boxes.... Leagues ahead of the two you mentioned and can sometimes be found on Ebay.

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    Thanks, will look into that.


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    Its for a new style Kia Sorento AWD.

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    Any of those mentioned but you might need to make sure they will fit your motor!

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    Agree with Red-dot. On second CAB now and bith fitted the intended fehicle very well, and when comparing to any others I just thing they are better made, although the K9 boxes look good but in my mind the metal boxes just appear 'cold'. I know, probably makes no difference...

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    Would highly recommend Denise and Chris at CAB they run a very professional service and there product is the best out there. Your going to be looking at 300+ for a new box but you get what you pay for. They do have second hand boxes for sale sometimes on there website.

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