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Thread: Stalking Directory Scotland Trip October

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    Stalking Directory Scotland Trip October

    For those of you that are booked to go on this trip I will be at the CLA for the duration.

    If you would care to PM me I can give you my mobile number and meet up for a chat about what we and you can expect out of the trip to my lease in Scotland.

    As I have already mentioned in another thread I will endevour to be at the NGO Stand at 12 noon everyday for about an hour. But just in case I dont make it you can call me and we can meet up.

    For those that are not going on the SD Trip, I will look forward to meeting as many as can make it to the CLA and putting names to faces.

    All the best to you all, and safe journey up to the CLA.


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    Thanks Malc

    Im travelling up to Scotland for the first three days and very much looking forward to it ..

    The CLA will be great a great oportunity to meet up with yourself and the rest of the gang..

    Looking forward to a pint with you all..


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    I cant make the cla this year due to a wedding on that weekend up in the lakes,but im sure you will have a fantastic time like we had last year.and i look forward to meeting those of you who are going up scotland when we all get up there.keep out of them beer tents this time malc you led me and fester astray last year.have a great weekend.

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    i will be going up on the sunday and look forward to meeting everyone up there. as long as its not as hot as last year!!

    see you then.

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    Not sure whos going when to Scotland on the SD October trip, but Im up with Malc from 17th,18th Oct till 24th. And really looking forward to the crack and being in a fantastic part of the world.

    I will be at the CLA camping with the family from Thurs leaving Sunday morning pitch Y2078 I will be at the NGO meeting point each day, much like last year it was good to put names to faces.


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    have a good one smithy,hopefully see you before scotland up the same time as you,fester may be doubtfull (work not to good) speak to you one of these days.

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