1st up I have this Jack Pyke English Oak T-shirt (size XL) i've hardly worn coz it was a bit snug. Now it's very snug after xmas so someone else can have use of it!

12.50 delivered please

Next is this DPM jacket in good condition. Dunno what the proper army term is coz the tag is missing but it's a cotton type material and very comfy. Has all buttons, zips working and a drawstring at the bottom and mid way up. Also has a kind of poachers fold down pocket thing in the back but no idea what the army uses it for!!

I'm a 44" chest and it fits over a hoody/jumper nicely and I liked it coz it has good length sleeves. Only selling coz I've moved onto realtree stuff and it just sits in the porch!

Anyway I'd like 20 posted as it's quite a heavy jacket please

I think they are priced fairly but if you want them both I'll round it down to 30 delivered or swap for a variable scope to sit on top of a BSA meteor,