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Thread: My .375H&H is gone

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    My .375H&H is gone

    Well my .375H&H is gone. Probably my favourite gun in my safe if I had to pick one, but I just couldn't use it. It's a sorry day for me. I wont say on the open forum what I'm thinking about my FEO at the moment, but it's nothing positive.

    Has anyone else ever got rid of something they loved due to silly restrictions grinding them down? I've replaced it with a crappy .300WM - how dull

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    doesnt sounds good at all

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    Sorry to hear that mate, I'm assuming they decided you didn't have a good reason to own it anymore? I currently own a 375 and it was a bit of a struggle getting it conditioned for deer. In fact, without one of the members on here helping me, I think I may have given up too.

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    They didn't try to take it from me, just wouldn't let me use it! What's the point in having something you can only shoot abroad? If I'd have known they'd have been so against the idea I'd have bought a .458 Lott and made the most of my holiday. I'm sure the Squirrel I shot with the .375 wouldn't have known the difference!

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    You couldn't show need to zero in the UK albeit with solids?

    I showed "need" to Lincs to do this. I also "showed need" to be able to take expanding ammunition with me and that having an RFD hand it over at the point of departure was "slightly absurd". Solid rounds were better for robbing security vans than expanding They agreed.

    Once I got that on (whilst they corrected a typo from a reprint) I waited a while and then pointed them at the "change in Vermin control" direction that came out and wanted that added to my two 6.5x55 which only had deer on them.. At the same time I pointed out that there might be opportunities for me to "shoot over land for which the Chief Constable has approved for that calibre". They added deer, fox and other vermin to my 9.3 x 62.


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    how did i miss this
    so sorry for your loss but do you hav any gear left over for a .375
    possibly case's or such
    i know **** hits the fan and such but i still hav mine so it would be fooolish not to ask
    never look a gift horse in the mouth my old grannie used to say

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