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Thread: Midland over and under double fire

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    Midland over and under double fire

    I have a midland O/U and took the bugger for a bit of clay shooting put 400 carts through it and its just started double firing! Ive stopped shooting with it now, any ideas what that might be, oh and one of the chokes has cracked and stuck in, So in need of a spare choke and a key.



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    Usually double firing in a side by side with a DOUBLE trigger is a worn bent on the tumbler (or as some would call it hammer).

    Now on single trigger guns they rely on different systems. So it is usually, if not a worn bent on the tumbler, some other thing.

    Is it a selective trigger? In that case change the choice of barrel that is fired first to the one that you, usually fire second. That is presently the one that is "doubling".

    Now put a cartridge in that barrel, newly selected as the first to be fired and a snap cap in the other.

    Fire the gun. If the snap cap doesn't eject then it shows that the problem MAY indeed be the bent on the tumbler in the barrel that is doubling.

    So as a quick fix you just change the selector.

    BUT! A slipping tumbler is by definition unsafe...say if you drop the gun...and should be seen by a gunsmith competent with O/U guns asap.

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    No its not a selective trigger just the safety catch. Bugger that does sound dangerous!! I'll get that looked at as soon as! Do you have a rough guide on how long that would take, as I'm of to Afghan in four weeks?

    Many thanks


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