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Thread: North York's Firearms licencing

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    North York's Firearms licencing

    did a variation and address change on my FAC and SGC last week as i was going to northallerton on Friday i dropped it off. i received It back this morning Tuesday what can i say but what a speedy service

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    I will second that, nothing but praise for North Yorkshire police FLD, if do feel sorry for those who have to deal with awkward police forces.
    Open certificate and lots of slots on my ticket from .17 to 30-06 without any silly conditions- not a problem sir

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    I was allways very happy with them, good to hear they still provide an excellent service.

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    Took ages to get my tickets but since I have had my FAC and shot gun cert renewals and variations have been very quck 3 day turn rounf or my last variation because I had asked for a quick one because I was going away on a shooting trip.


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