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Thread: A truly wonderful gift

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    A truly wonderful gift

    A distant elderly relative of mine is sadly suffering badly from dementure and has recently had to surrender his shotgun licence . He's the father in law of my uncle who I work with , he knows how mad keen myself and brother are on mad keen on allthings shooting and today bought me and him a wonderful gift , it's an original oak London gunmakers 100 cartridge ammunition box full of original London gunmakers live cartridges , dated from the late 1800s to early 1900s . There are purdeys . holland and Hollands , and lots of gunmakers that have since gone bust I guess . All are from London except one , made my by a company called mcphersons of Inverness , its called the "mcphersons royal" and has a picture of a royal stag on it . It's dated 1887 .
    A fantastic insight into British manufacturing , sadly gone . And really beautiful collectors piece .

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    A fantastic gift how about a few pictures sounds really interesting ?

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    Pictures mandatory!

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    I'm glad the collection has ended up in the hands of someone who will appreciate it.

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    Nice. My father in law shoots (a lot!) with an old family McPherson of Inverness side by side 12. He's a Macpherson himself and lives in Inverness-shire so very apt.

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    +1 !!!
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    how fantastic cannot wait to see pics mate

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    No pics, didn't happen.

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