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Thread: New video offering from Jelen Deer Services

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    New video offering from Jelen Deer Services

    Check out the Jelen Deer Services youtube video on our youtube channel (Jelendeer58).

    The video shows some great tips on the easy way to effect a suspended gralloch on Fallow deer.

    It also shows two more examples of how to effortlessly remove the head from a Fallow deer and a Roe deer - Jelen style!

    Hope you enjoy it.

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    Another great video mike
    atb Steve

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    Dont forget the camera man .....

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveJelen View Post
    Dont forget the camera man .....
    OK Dave, ........ Good camera work!!! .....


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    well done guys

    yet again another fine production.

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    Looking good Mike, building up a nice collection of informative videos.


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    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Thanks for posting yet another invaluable video for amateur (me) and experienced stalkers alike.

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    Nicw vid, good to see high quality stuff like this
    Aim Small, Miss Small

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    Thanks for your kind comments guys.

    Our brand new DVD (Full length) entitled Tuberculosis in Deer - A guide for Deer Managers and Stalkers - will be released at the British Shooting Show.

    The DVD will be on sale at 19.99, and as far as we know features the only footage available of Bovine TB actually being found in Fallow Deer. The video follows the entire procedure from culling deer, discovery of the disease through to reporting and final disposal of the carcass.

    We believe it to be the UK's best video on the subject of TB in deer, and is a must for everyone who stalks wild deer, and there are some useful tips for those about to embark on their DSC2 culls.

    Contact us for further details, or to pre-order the DVD.

    Best regards,


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