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Thread: Chance find in the snow.

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    Chance find in the snow.

    Went out today to exercise my dogs, 2 springadors and my ESP all experienced on fur and feather and trained for the purpose of flushing and retrieving to the shotgun, I also took my 11month old GWP bitch, I have been training her for deer and fox work with the rifle, gently, since the day I picked her up at 8 weeks old, and have found her to be biddable and quick to learn, she has come on in the last month or two and is showing good hunting/tracking instinct on laid deer and fox scent, ie dragged air dried deer skins and fox brushes, I've also tried her on a fox scent that a mate had shot at from a high seat and missed the other evening, using a long line she found and tracked the foot scent until they dissapeared into the wood, no blood found so a clean miss, but she was on the scent in the fresh snow, I am well chuffed with her, today during exercice she picked up some sent, I noticed her change up a gear, head down and hunting, within a couple of mins she had found a Munty skin under 6 inches of snow, pulled it out, killed it, (theoreticaly) and retrieved it to me. The skin had been prepared, scraped and air dried with the fore and rear lower legs in place, I believe purpusly for training by someone, and dragged and left in situe. I've no idea who left it there, but my dog found it so it hangs in my back shed now for use as a training aid in the future, I'm well pleased with her and will be giving her the chance to follow up on the real thing in the very near future, under supervision of course, early days yet I know but I have great confidence that she will be a good and usefull stalking/foxing companion for many years to come.

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    That was my 3 day old track that took me 7 hours to lay i cant believe it. PS it wasn't air dried it was dried with a air drier

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    That was my 3 day old track that took me 7 hours to lay i cant believe it. PS it wasn't air dried it was dried with a air drier

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    Found on boundry of one of my lamping/pigeon shooting permissions, so hey ho.

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    Why would you use an air dried skin for training apart from a rag toy? It would hold no scent so you might as well use an old towel! A fresh or thawed skin yes, air dried no!

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    An air dried skin would retain scent, maybe not as strong as a fresh or thawed skin granted, but given that a dogs ability to find objects using scent is greater than ours, and having used this method several times I have no doubt that it works, the sent can also be enhance by adding a small amount of blood from a previously shot deer. It also gives the dog the satisfaction of actualy finding the target object. I will say that this is the first time I have ever trained a dog to find deer, my other dogs will find and retrive both fur and feather with great skill, one of them will find foxes and retrieve them, they will find deer, but they would rather hunt for other game, so the GWP is to be trained for this purposs, as a young dog she is showing great promise, as she matures I will introduce other methods into her training before moving on to the real thing, old towels will be used, but only for drying off wet dogs.

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