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Thread: Fabarm - anyone have any experience?

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    Fabarm - anyone have any experience?

    Does anyone have experience of the Fabarm Iris rifle, or their combination gun/doube shotguns, or their semi-auto shotguns? They look to be quality products (at a price that reflects the quality). I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has owned one or used one.
    Fabarm SpA Brescia Italy - Hunting shotguns shooting rifles home defence and law enforcement guns


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    Yes. thought about one myself earlier in the year. They look really well put together and balance is lovely. I was just not a fan of the italian style flourishes etc on the engraving. Have a word with Nitroexpress off here. He is a dealer in them and uses them himself on driven boar and has shotgun the same I think.

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    I have the express in 9.3its lovely and grear quality.

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    Can't say anything about the rifles.

    I had an old Fabarm semi auto 12b for years (recoil op)

    was a good reliable working gun, I wouldn't hesitate in buying another Fabarm

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    Had some dealings with a 30-06 Asper which the owner could not get to fire second barrel It was sent back to Viking arms 3 times they could find nothing wrong with the rifle.
    It turned out the Muppet that owned it was using 30-06 sabot 233 rounds to try and shot foxes out to 300+ yards wtf. Gun worked very well with propper 30-06 ammo .
    He sold it soon after, I had the chance to buy it but was short on cash at the time or I would have had it as they come up to the shoulder and point very well.


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    Just after Hungerford I purchased a Fabarm 4 shot semi auto shotgun from a guy who was scared they would be banned it was 6 months old and all he wanted was 150.00 4 years ago I gave it to a mate because I needed room in the cab for another stalking rifle, he still uses it every week and prefers it to his Browning 525, it has never been repaired, feeds perfectly every time with every cartridge bar Gamebore high bird, so I would not hesitate to buy another

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    i have a h38 semi auto 12 left hooker and when i first bought it i wouldnt cycle light loads i spoke to vicking who picked it up and serviced it swaped the spring for a lighter one and sent me it back now all for free , it cyles everything from 24 gramers up the only other problem was it split a thin section of the action (like the old mossbergs do) my mate welded it up and it as good as new . for me they are good reliable guns for a fair price

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    Was looking at a Fabarm Iris at the Salon de Chasse in Paris two years ago. Nice looking rifle unfortunately not available in the calibres that I wanted at the time so landed up buying something else, I still fancy one though.
    I don't think you will have any issues with quality as Fabarm are a well respected manufacturer. I'm not aware of any problems that this particular model may have. A real good looking rifle.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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