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    Deer Intiative

    I hold a lease in Suffolk, and the Landowner has a meeting with the D.I. shortly regarding "Stalking Grants", although I am going to be there for some of the meeting, has anybody any idea what this is about ?
    Any info or previous experiences would be helpful as any Goverment/Goverment backed involvement immediately raises my suspicions, or is it just me being paranoid?
    Thanks for any help. S.s.

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    I don't think you're paranoid, but hopefully this is what they are talking about:

    There are a lot of anecdotal stories of the DI being a vehicle by which it's members gain access to stalking, although I've yet to hear a first-hand account of this actually happening.

    My experience with the DI is limited, but on the game shoot I am a member of they have provided, on loan, some nice double high seats to help us with the stalking. The land holds a lot of deer (fallow and muntjac) but there's been no evidence to date of the DI trying to 'grab' the stalking, in fact much the reverse.


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    Hi Mate, I am also in Suffolk and have some experience with this. Sadly, the DI have to have a say in it for any Grant money to be handed out. They have to do a deer impact survey using the Dr Arnold Cooke method, see here:$FILE/ee-deer-funding.pdf
    It doesn't mean anyone is after stealing your stalking! They might even offer you assistance in the form of High seat loans etc..
    PM me if you want to chat further. Regards,

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    The DI will be there to advise the landowner on what grants are available.
    With that in mind they will not issue a grant for trees if there is no deer management plan.
    The DI will help you with that plan and offer advice if needed,they are there to be used in that capacity,so if need be, use them.
    If there is an existing grant on trees and the assessment shows unacceptable damage then you could in for a rough ride especially if the Landowner has to pay back some of the grant..

    As said before they have offered high seats and their expertise FOC.


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    Just echoing the above really, the DI around here try to avoid gaining any shooting at all as they're keen to be seen as an advice group, they certainly don't take any stalking away from people who already have the land. They even try to avoid terming themselves stalkers as people may see it as them trying to gain land and that's not what they're about. You should have no problems at all, hope it all goes well.

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    The DI

    Hi Benc

    I am a menber of both the West Wilts & Hampshire Waterside DI managment groupes & I assure you there is no hidden agenda with the DI that I have any experiance of.

    The local DLO for the DI just meets with us in general twice a year to discuss any relivant issues such as poaching & cull plans, they also give us alot of information.

    They do meet with other land owners & estates just in order to promote deer managment in areas where the deer need to be hit harder or where there is no managment in place due to anti hunting restrictions put in place by land owners.

    Yes they also help with grant monies for things like high seats & quad bikes I understand.

    As I said this is my experiance but I know thare have been some bad experiances/threads on the SD at the back end of last year about them.

    Regards Lee

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    Deer Initiative?

    I too am in Suffolk and my estate too has applied for and been given woodland grants. In my experiance it meant we were given 10 more high seats, grants to maintain them and clear areas around the highseats, to obtain the grants you will have to prove you are carrying out a sound and proven deer management program, provide data of same, and efectively control the resident and migrationary deer population. We have always kept records of our cull figures and advised the estate office monthly. Basicly you will go from being a casual stalker to a deer manager. The deer initiative are there in an advisery capacity, someone has too as we are dealing with huge sums of money via the grants. I repeat, in our case it was 100% beneficial and I have carried on as before with some extra paperwork offset by the financial help. If you want to talk to me p.m. with a tel number. One word of warning you will be monitored on deer impact, you will be dealing with professional people and may have to up your game if your only talking the odd deer or too for the table. I now have two other stalkers under me and in a recent post offered another novice the chance to join us. I have for the last 14 years stalked one day a week and also put another person up a seat weekly as well. Nobody needs to worry about the deer initiative stealing their stalking, just manage the deer more effectively and produce deer reports/cull plans that will work and are showing results. Deerwarden

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