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Thread: Pheasant tendon removal

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    Pheasant tendon removal

    This works a treat
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Will give it a go, as the way I do it is a bit hit and miss


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    Could be wrong, but not sure he got them all.....

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    Nice trick, but I wish I'd seen it at the other end of the season!

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    The one I did this week for the first time after 30 years of shooting birds was the quick way to skin a pheasant. It involves standing on the outstretched wings and then pulling the Legs straight up.

    what remains is a clean, gutted breast with wings attached that you simply break off. All the guts etc are on the leg end.
    if you want the legs you can skin in the normal way.

    so much quicker !

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    Quote Originally Posted by nell View Post
    Could be wrong, but not sure he got them all.....
    What I do is rotate the foot a couple of times. It twists the tendons to form a rope. I also gently run a knife round the leg, to nick through the skin. Then I twist the tendons and then I pull.


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    I find it works better if the bird has hung for a while... when I try it on fresh ones all the muscle ruptures out with it!

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    We only used to send the best birds to the game dealers and all the rest we breasted out and took the legs off for the big house, we used too do lots of them so we used to break the leg as shown, then put the foot in a fox wire which was fastened around a beam in the roof of the building. simples

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    Oops looks like ive been doing it wrong then, ive cut round the skin of the leg and pulled the feet off with pliers, this then pulls the tendons out with the foot. Seems to work but sometimes the pliers chomp through the bone and creat a bit of a mess, so I will give this way a go, looks simple clean and easier.

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