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    This has just been sent to me:

    The Calman Report recommends that The Scottish Parliament should be handed control of airgun legislation in Scotland. The Scottish Parliament will undoubtedly use this power to place a ban on unlicensed airguns in Scotland. This measure harms the legitimate sporting shooter and fails to address the real problem; that caused by unlawful use of airguns. Criminal use of airguns by its nature cannot be legislated against by removing airguns from those who abide by the law.

    We believe that this ban will have an adverse effect on legitimate sporting shooting, and will provide no deterrent to those who misuse airguns. The Labour Party's own 'Charter for Shooting' (2005) recognizes there is no connection between legitimate sporting shooting and gun crime. Airgun crime in Scotland has fallen according to the Gun Control Network's statistics from 1005 offences 15 years ago to 567 last year.

    This new legislation would erode the civil liberties of sporting shooters in Scotland and fail to remove airguns from the hands of criminals.

    We therefore petition you to refuse devolved power for Airgun legislation in Scotland.


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    I would propose new petition for less power to scottish pariament (preferably none) in any matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glogin
    I would propose new petition for less power to scottish pariament (preferably none) in any matter.

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    any law or ban on anything will only punnish the law abyding and a ban on air guns will shut the door to shooting for a massive amout of young people and maybe a lot of us would not be here if it wasnt for are miss spent youth with airguns

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    The sad fact is that this govt. will always take the easy options. Knife crime = a knife ban etc. They entirely miss the point that education (and control, where neccesary) of the person is what's required. So many of the passions I have followed in my life have fallen foul to this: Pistol ban, 'voluntary' restriction on power on motorbikes, knife ban etc. they will never learn.

    I read with dismay the other day that the payment of taxes has been outstripped by the demand of the welfare state by some 20Bn for the first time. I wondered for an innocent moment whether they would do something to reduce people's reliance on welfare, then realised exactly what they would do: hit the straight, honest, working man again.

    As a Scot I would probably get a red card from Mr. Admin if I expresed my feelings on the scottish parliament, why do they celebrate being granted the power to spend their own money and calling it home rule? muppets.

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    Agree with you on that Hugh. The Scottish Parliament is a total waste of money.
    Watching the Scottish political debates on tv is about the least exciting thing you could do with your time.
    I'm a London-based Gael and despair at the whole setup north of the Tweed.
    'A parcel o' rogues in the nation' for sure.


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