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Thread: Immunocontraception

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    After doing a bit of digging, I am a bit cynical on defra's line on contraceptives.

    " It is not known that any vaccinated boar have entered the food chain. However, should this occur there is no known viable mechanism by which effects on humans could arise as a result of eating such an animal. The specific product used has been considered by the United States Food and Drug Administration not to raise a human food safety concern and other very similar vaccines are used elsewhere in livestock production for treating animals that subsequently enter the human food chain.

    Defra is not aware of any evidence that tagged wild boar have definitely entered the food chain."

    Not all affected boar will have tags on, because they may,in future,eat food from feeding points which are treated with immunocontraceptive.

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    Hi DL
    CSL (Defra) are live catching and injecting the boar.

    That's where it all falls flat on its face. They have spent millions researching this but have no reliable way of vaccinating the boar without the risk of vaccinating non target species
    We hear right or not?? that they have not been very successful with their live catching this time.
    Tagging seems to me unreliable in itself, farm stock lose tags and they don't live and feed like boar??

    Its all a bit of a joke really. I think from memory the first research they done in our area was to assess the chances of removing small populations by live catching in case of a disease outbreak, by the time they had done the research it wasn't a small population any more.

    The latest is Immunocontraception, why spend millions researching some thing they can't reliably use, simple really we are paying CSL millions to do this research if I was CSL I wouldn't want it to stop would you???

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    I know I am a bear with a very small brain but I really am struggling to get this......

    We (the taxpayer) are paying a shed load of dosh to some folk to live capture wild boar and then administer a contraceptive to stop them breeding. This cunning plan is the result of lots of (again, taxpayer funded) research?

    Has DEFRA missed something because I seem to recall that if you shoot something dead, then that stops them breeding forever?

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    Hi Bandit country

    you've not missed the point, but CSL are onto a bloody good crack by fleecing the taxpayer of hundreds of thousands of pounds for research into this immuno contraceptive lark and when they think that they've kicked the arse out of it enough and purchased their new trucks, houses or whatever, they will much as like turn around and say contraception isn't viable but we've got another great idea about how to control a species if you'll give us the funding etc. etc.

    I think you know where I'm coming from. It's also interesting to look up defra/csl and see just how much funding of taxpayers money they have received for various projects that have achieved f*** all. You'll have to look hard on the websites though; it's well hidden and fragmented after all you couldn't have it written clearly the taxpayer might object if they knew what was going on!!

    Rant over; apologies. Just wanted that off my chest

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    I can't remember the exact figures and I can't be arsed to look it all up again but between the parakeets and the boar CSL have been payed about 1.2 million so far.


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    Those bloody parakeets, my sister lives in west london and the trees are full of the noisey f*****s.


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    Those bloody parakeets, my sister lives in west london and the trees are full of the noisey f*****s.


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    Just read in Shooting Times that the powers that be are also looking in to an immunocontraceptive for grey squirrels. 'They' reckon it will take ten years to develop, by which time it will be pointless cos all the reds will have gone.

    Why not spend the money on the tried and trusted method of shooting the things and maybe offering a bounty - and I don't mean a f*****g coconut chocolate bar!

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    DEFRA have spent about 1m looking into various methods of controlling boar. They have been capturing and tagging/tattooing sows in the Forest of Dean population and then injecting them with contraceptive. The plan was to leave out bait laced with contraceptive for the boar to pick up. I raised this with them over a year ago and was told that the contraceptive was non species specific which is a bit of a worry.

    When I raised this with DEFRA and at the time I got told this bulls**t about no proof of injected animals entering the food chain. That was not long after I'd shot a tagged sow that went into the food chain via a local game dealer!!!!

    I'm not altogether sure of the legality of releasing captured sows back into the wild even if it is DEFRA.

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