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Thread: loss of a dog hits hard

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    loss of a dog hits hard

    im sorry if this isnt the right place for this..
    we as sportsmen, stalkers,hunters,game shooters or just dog owners realise that when we take on a new dog that we will train them,enjoy their company , watch them grow and become a member of the family, protector, burglar alarm deer finder and bird fetcher but most of all a pal...but sometime be it 8,10,12 years down the line were gonna have some heartache and upset and may have to make that final decision for them that we dont want to make...
    i like most have had dogs loved them, trained them enjoyed their company picked up their sick poop snot chewed up stuff but never not smiled....
    i lost a very good dog in the early hours today nearly 12 and half which is good for a lab Jester a big but slender lump of black mischief had a massive stroke but came round and only wanted to be at my side , left him on his bed and he took that final decison for me and fell asleep, vet said his heart just gave up ....

    been an upsetting day and im sure you all have gone thru this and will continue to do so , i dpologise if by reading this you drift off and think of an old pal but it may make you smile.
    so i miss you jess great dog great pal and your passing leaves us all upset god bless mate run free be free be at peace.

    A man's dog stands by him in prosperity and poverty,inhealth and sickness.He will sleep on the cold ground,when the wintry winds blowand the snow drives fiercely,if only he can be near his master's side.He willkiss the hand that has no food to offer,he will lick the wounds and sores thatcome into encounter with the roughness of the world.He guards the sleep of apauper as if he were a Prince.When all other friends desert...............heremains.

    thanks all

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    sorry to hear it,

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    Scout, I feel for you, losing a dog is about the only thing I find hard to deal with these days. Just remember you gave Jester a happy and fulfilling life and you both had great times together. Hope you soon feel better but it does take time. All the best, Chris.

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    Never gets any easier. Sorry for your loss mate.

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    Hi first of all sorry for your loss if people dont understand this post well there not real hunters i have a lab just 11 years and not looking forward when his day comes . I have picked out a pup last week to soften the blow when it comes the pup will never replace max but my mind is made up i want another lab in my house again nsorry for your loss

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    I know how your feeling, had to have my old lab put down 15 months ago, back end had gone.. Had him when I was 18 , my first dog of my own. He had a good innings though nearly 14 years of it... I'm not admit I cried like a baby, had to get my dad to come and fetch him couldn't bring myself to take him to the vets! I'm sure you'll never forget him....don't dwell on losing just hinkins of all the pleasure he gave....

    Kind regards, Jez
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Sorry to hear of your loss Scout.Most of us have been there at sometme and will be going there again in the future.Reading your post brings back good memories of past dogs, best mates and protector.But with the loss we start on another journey and adventure with another bundle of fun but we never forget the past

    If its hit its history / If its missed its a mystery

    A gun is always loaded .A mule always kicks

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    thanks for your kind words guys i know im not on my own and youve all been down his road..
    cheers means a lot..

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    Always makes the eyes glaze a little whenever I hear of someone going through this. Sorry for your loss.
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