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Thread: Best greenhouse heater

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    Best greenhouse heater

    Well, it makes a change from best binoculars, calibre etc.

    I'm looking at getting a greenhouse type heater to stop the cupboard where the gun cabinet is fixed getting stony cold.
    Has anyone gone down this road and if so any recommended types...thermostat fitted or bought as accessory etc.



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    The reptile heat pads are supposed to be good for the bottom of the cabinet! cheap to run also!

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    you could try using the small tube heaters(screw fix sell them), think there round 150w, not sure if the heat would effect your gun stocks though

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    Do you have central heating pipes anywhere near your cabinet? If so run a leg off that into the cabinet. When the heat is needed it'll be on, when its not itll be off.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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