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Thread: CZ 527 Magazine parts Wanted

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    CZ 527 Magazine parts Wanted

    Hi don't suppose anyone got any parts like the black plastic part that goes in the magazine.
    Its from a CZ 527 in 22 Hornet, I shaved it down to feed longer bullets but took too much out this time.
    not sure if you can buy these bits but if anyone has this sort of thing lying about please let me know I may be able to adapt one similar, it's a pity cos the mag is new.
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    I asked Edger's if it was listed as a spare, seems not.
    I shall when I get round to it make one from aluminium or steel.


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    i cast a block of car body resin to shape a new one for my modified hornet magazine i think i have a chunk of it left i will post it if you like. It worked fine in my mag for my longer hornet rounds.

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    Roebuck empty your pm box mate. I have posted bit today. Don't worry about cost as it didn't cost much just glad to help. nick

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