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Thread: Cz magnum rifles

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    Cz magnum rifles

    Just wondering what people's experiences are of cz rifles in larger calibers? I'm looking at a .375h&h, I know they are great in smaller calibers, but never had experience with the bigger ones, any feedback?


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    Very good rifles, they are accurate, dependable and strong. I have had some some work done to my CZ 375 stock, oiled finish, english style cheekpiec, ebony tip on the stock, and a pistol grip cap. It looks like a traditional british safari rifle, I'll try and post some pictures.

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    make sure it has the front sight, hood, and express sights, ideally also the single trigger and bolt dissasembly tool. otherwise you've just got a big gun for a scope in the UK with no flexibility.

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    My gunsmith bud has CZ550's in 375 H&H , 416 Rigby and 505 Gibbs . I've been fortunate or unfortunate however you care to look at it to work up loads for all three rifles .

    And amazingly they all do rather nicely on paper at 100 yards . FWIW I've never worked with a 375 H&H MAG that wasn't a decent shooter . Same can be said with the three 416's I've messed with although my two were 416 REM MAG's .

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    Thanks gents, appreciate the responses, (PKL, appologies for not responding to your email yet mate, thanks for getting back to me though), I'm looking at a new one, so I would assume all the points PKL mentioned wouldn't be applicable.....

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    I had both a 375H&H and 458WinMag quite a few years ago. Apart from having the stocks refinished (not neccessary these days) they both did exactly what it said on the tin - accurate, dependable no frills workhorses. They are favourites of professional hunters in Africa along with heavy doubles which speaks volumes.

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    I believe they had a small problem with a batch of stocks in the US that split under recoil.. I am assumign that this has been rectified now. Have never heard of this over here and CZ USA does seem to offer different stock styles to those that are offered in the UK so I wonder if that was the issue.

    A friend bought a ZKK 602 in .300 Win mag which I shot on numerous occasions and it was averu nice rifle to shoot and not fussy on ammunition seemign to placce them all in good groups. Of course it had prefrences and thos it would make nice small clusters with on the target.

    Another member had a similar ZKK in 375 H&H with which he hunted Africa with. I shot that some as well and it too was a nice rifle until he decided to "Improve" upon it and IMHO wrecked a nice rifle. This was the same plonker who tried to shoot solid tungsten bullets in a 257 Weatherby and got a bullet lodged in the barrel. No not Tungsten cored but SOLID tungsten that he had made up. of course it wrecked the barrel. More money than sense comes to mind................................ but I digress.

    I have never shot a 550 but as it's heavily based on the ZKK I doubt you would have an issue with it. A better place to ask this would be Express rifles as several members there own and use them as I recall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deerstalker.308 View Post
    Thanks gents, appreciate the responses, (PKL, appologies for not responding to your email yet mate, thanks for getting back to me though), I'm looking at a new one, so I would assume all the points PKL mentioned wouldn't be applicable.....
    No worries mate - a new one would be a lovely rifle, go for recknagel mounts unless you're looking for Quick Detach, then go for Alaska Arms (did a lot of research on these in the last week and they seem to be VERY good) or Talley and push them forwards before locking so they don't shift under recoil. the short QD one's might need the bolt handle to be modified, so go medium or high and avoid clearance issues. IMHO.

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    These along with older BRNOs are standard kit for most PH / game scouts / wildlife rangers in Africa. Affordable, tough and accurate. Some new ones feel a bit rough, but they soon smooth up. Bolts can feel a bit sloppy, but this is true for most Mauser 98 derived actions, and also ensures reliability in dusty sandy conditions and the bolt doesn't jam if dirt gets in there. For many years the BRNO action was the mainstay of big calibre rifles by the likes of Roberts, Rigby etc. stocks can be a bit plain / rough, but again easily sorted if the aesthetics bother you. As said above add a nice foreend and grip cap and a bit of shaping its soon sorted.

    You will have to spend a lot more to get something else that is comparable or as tough or with controlled round feed.

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    I have a 602 in 375, it will place 3 shots touching at a 100 ms all day long.

    Someone at my local range tried to buy it from me last week for the action, but for money I will never get an equivalent rifle.

    It is ugly I grant you, but it does the job. I just wish my feo would give it to me for deer!

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