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Thread: Cheap Shotgun

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    Cheap Shotgun

    Hi Guys,

    I'm after a cheap shotgun to have a go at the pigeons etc. Looking for a 12g that will take 3inch carts wil consider any action (not single shot) would also consider a hushpower if its at the right price. Would prefer kinda local (central scotland) so dont need to go down the rfd route.

    PM me with any offers

    Cheers Rob

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    Cheapest option would probably be an old side by side, but you'll struggle to find one to take 3" cartridges. Have a look for an older Remmington semi-auto or Hatsan Escort Magnum. Should get one for about 250-300 used and will give you a third shot which is often useful on the pigeons!

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    Thanks MS, to be honest I don't know very much about shotguns at all, just been advised by that should ask for 3 inch but to b honest I'm not that fussed as its just for some pigeon/rough shooting so I would consider anything. Semi auto would also be nice

    cheers rob

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    The only reason you'd insist on a 3" chamber is if you were planning to use it for wildfowling. But even then, you have to use non-toxic cartridges for that now, even in Scotland, and only the steel loads are always 3" or 3 1/2". And only new guns are proofed for steel anyway. So if you're just going to shoot pigeons and do a spot of roughshooting, any old 2 3/4" chambered gun will do, and you can find a workable one for a song and a dance. If you did try your luck at roughshooting once in a while, you could always invest in a box of bismuth or tungsten matrix cartridges, which are typically made to be used in older guns.

    The Holt's auctions in London always have racks and racks of perfectly serviceable shotguns in the fixed bids section at knockdown prices. If you can find an equivalent auction house nearer to you, that may be the way to go. Alternately, there are always bargains at the various game fairs.

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    You are probably better off going to a decent local gun shop mate (that you can trust!) and see what they have got. The most important thing with a shotgun, is to get one that fits you! Rifles you can get away with a slight miss-fit, but shotguns are less forgiving. Finding a cheap second hand private sale is easy, but finding one that fits exactly is rare. Best to go and have a look at a good few guns within your price range and see which fits and suits your needs best. It may cost a few quid more, but it is money you will soon recover in otherwise missed opportunities!
    A quick trip to a local clay range may also pay dividends. It is very difficult to be a good shot with both rifle and shotgun as they are such different disciplines.
    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the info guys its much appreciated.

    MS - i'm sure it'll be difficult to master both but i'm pretty sure i will find it easy to master being rubbish at both (already got the rifle down to a t!!lol)

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    What are the kind of buget ranges i should be looking at? So far i've looked at baikel, investarm, zabala, mossberg and hatsan which are all pretty reasonable price wise secondhand although most are to far away. Any others i should have a look at?

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    Older models of miroku can be picked up for around 400, great gun for the money.

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    have a look on my website
    i have a couple on therebut i think i have a couple that are not .
    i do have a selection og good sbs that are not listed if your intersested but none will be 3" chamber.
    and i can easy post to a rfd of you choice for viewing before purchase.


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    I have a Baikal o/u ejecter in good condition. 180. I am in Falkirk 3 days per week if you want to view it.


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