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Thread: Old cigarettes

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    Red face Old cigarettes

    Just found these down the back of some shelving we've just ripped out in the shop. There unopened and full.
    Anyone any ideas how old they might be.

    Cheers. Matt.

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    Got to be about 50 years old?
    Very collectable - don't smoke or open them!

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    That Woodbine packet is pretty old.

    I am 55 and my Dad used to smoke Seniors with the same packet design as the one you have when I was a kid. My Mother always smoked Woodbines but I don't remember them being in the same packet as the one you have so it is probably 50+ years old.

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    MAY be as old as WW2 - they DO have a value to one of the tobacco collectors

    If they were mine I would list them on a well know auction site - and also do some research on there to see what similar items have actually sold for (click on completed items)

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    The Senior Service fags that my nans neighbour smoked back in the 60/70`s were wider, flatter packet so they were pre then. The Woodbine packet looks like the packet that the cigarette cards used to be in. I`m not saying cigarettes didn`t come in them boxes but can`t remember my grandads being in them.
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    I'd maybe write to Wills and Gallaher (Senior Service I think). Gosh I used to smoke Senior really was very fine quality tobacco. Not like the cheap rubbish that you get in mass market cigarettes nowadays. Mind, I stopped smoking twenty years ago, so what do I know!

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    + 1 Basil brings back happy memories of my grandparents sitting by the coal fire.
    the woodbine were also in a similar flat packet as I recall. So I'm of the same opinion
    pre then.

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    Remember them well, they were certainly going in the late forties/early fifties. Most of us cut our smoking teeth on Weights, Woodies or Senior service. The first real fag I ever smoked was a Robin. That was after "learning" on dried Hogs Fennel. I gave up about 20 years ago.

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    My parents kept a pub up to 1960 I recognise both of those packets as being sold up to about then.

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    Its the woodys that killed my mother "emphysema".

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