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Thread: Sauer .308 barrel and threading question

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    Sauer .308 barrel and threading question

    Hi all, am about to get a new barrel for my sauer 202 and have been asked what thread I would like cut for a moderator. Any views on thread size?

    thanks in advance.
    Sauer 202 in 243 and 308/Ruger 22-10/Sako Trg-22 and lots of 12g

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    I believe the factory standard for them is m14 x 1, if that is what they make as standard one would assume its what they would recommend.

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    If going for a muzzle mounted moderator, I would suggest a spigot threading job, gives more support. Blaser standard is 15x1 spigot, I have this on all my rifles and it is an excellent solution.

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    thank you for your advice. My current .243 barrel is m14 x 1. so will ask them to thread the barrel the same.
    Sauer 202 in 243 and 308/Ruger 22-10/Sako Trg-22 and lots of 12g

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    Would depend on other rifles and if you have one mod you want for both rifles. I had a Steyr threaded in 1/2unf so i got my Sauer threaded the same. As Brian says the spigot will add more support

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    Sorry for the dippy question but what is a spigot thread??
    Sauer 202 in 243 and 308/Ruger 22-10/Sako Trg-22 and lots of 12g

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    Until Brian explained it to me I didn't know either. As opposed to the mod only being supported by the thread and the rear bush, spigot is a section of the barrel that has been turned down without threads and fits into a smooth bore of the moderator. It offers support to the mod in addition to the threaded section. Normally found on blasers etc

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