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Thread: binos and harness

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    binos and harness

    wat is your choice in bino harnesses

    and for around 120 quid wat would be best choice of binos

    cheers adrian

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    For that money the Minox BF 8x42 or 10x42 will be hard to beat for quality. For me there seems to be little between the harnesses - I'd not spend lots on one. The Allen one or the Butler Creek will do the job just as well as a Niggeloh or a Swarovski one at twice the price.
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    I use the Swarovski harness but a PH I was with last year reckoned the Butler Creek was better and had not "sagged".

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    +1 for the butler creek..

    Had them on my Swaro's and no complaints
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    Crooked horn bino harness works well.

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    Take a look at corbieton enterprises harness I've used there's on both bino's & rangefinders for years now good quality

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