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Thread: Fastest stalk todate.

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    Fastest stalk todate.

    Whent out yesterday morning for a fallow.
    Shot a doe within five minutes of walking away from the car!

    That beats the time of my first ever stalk which was 10 minuets for a CWD.

    Yesterdays stalk will stay in my mind for a long time. Shot free hand at 70 meters and dropped on the spot from the 30-06. Classic!!!!!

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    Had a similar do yesterday, had a mate out for a doe, took the shot within 5 minutes of pulling up and not 50 yards from the Land Rover. Back to the larder (shed) within 30 minutes. In the weather we set off in, thats my idea of a good do!

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Is this a competition with verifiable witness??



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    I've had plenty in the first field,also walked miles and they are out in the first field you walked through 2 hrs ago next to where I parked up ,not so far to carry then

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    Had a buck run across the forest road in front of me, jumped out and shot it off the bonnet with the engine still running. It just couldn't resist that last look before it walked into the trees I'm afraid.
    I'm guessing that this isn't technically stalking.


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    i,d get rid of the engine still running bit chris
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    I was sitting in my friends farm house kitchen when housesitting. Looked up and saw 2 roe in the field oustide the the window, picked up rifle, round buildings, stalked down a water filled ditched, emerged opposite deer and shot one. About 5 mins.

    There have been several occassions in the same house when I could have shot roe out of the roof Velux, but have shown restraint, however does not apply to foxes, magpies and carrion crows.


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    Quote Originally Posted by stav View Post
    i,d get rid of the engine still running bit chris
    Why? As long as the vehicle isn't moving, it's fine.

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    I got out of the car, walked across the farm lawn, and shot two over the stone wall a few years ago. probably 20 seconds from locking the car to the first shot, including glassing them, 180m bang bang,

    then the ARV came...................

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    Stav, stationary vehicle and no one in the driving seat.

    Quite happy with that. Wasn't being used to 'drive' animals either. Private track as well.


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