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Thread: Are we all wasting our time getting up at 3am?

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    Are we all wasting our time getting up at 3am?

    I would like to know the members views on getting onto stalking land before dawn in summer?
    Does it actually increase our chances or are we losing valuable sleep for nothing?

    I keep a record of all my shots - time, distance, species etc and looking back I have not taken many deer in the early hours of summer mornings!

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    Well my alarm went off at 3.10 this morning, flung out at an arm for the snooze button and I got up second time round. On the stalking ground for 4am, pretty much full daylight. Shot a buck at 5.05 in woodland, the earliest I have shot a deer. Carried on stalking without any real intention of shooting another, more in hope of seeing a fox, and saw two more bucks and two does out feeding between 6 and 7.

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    Sometimes you can do more harm than good if your wandering around in the dark crashing into everything! But if you can get there without disturbing the parish it can be worth the wait.

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    hi spin you know my policy ,on the ground at day break ,park wait for good light then move. go to early scare more then you,ll see
    see you soon

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    i dont actually shot a lot of my deer until after 8am so i have also wondered this myself but i think if you are actually just going to be static in one spot then it pays off to be ther as early as poss

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    probably depends a fair bit on your land, on farm land i think its best to be out before tractors and the like start to disturb things and tend to start deer moving back to cover.However on larger forest blocks time does'nt seem to matter as much,often see more deer on the way home after an early start


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    I like a p/m and an a/m combined .
    IE I stay out ! on the ground , sleep rough with my dog and enjoy the silence , enjoy the dawn , I just like being out there . If you get to know your ground well enough there isn't any crashing around,. Sparrow's Fart is my alarm clock , followed by the rooks n stuff leaving there perches. If I decide to kip on, my dog is the best alarm call ever!! She is wiser than I will ever be !! If something crosses my path ! well game on . I am already in position . Then I decide if a mooch is on the cards . To each there own , I really should be under a big thick duvet!! at daft o'clock!! but you won't fill the chiller that way .
    Regards Trapper

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    The last buck i shot was at 04.25. was in position before first light. It is a fairly good quiet approach along the wood edge to get into position.
    What myself and BC normally do is take it in turns to either walk the wood or get into position outside the wood covering anything that does get disturbed from inside or are already out in the fields.

    Anyway as Trapper says it's all about being out and taking in the sights and sounds that you would not hear if you are under the sheets

    Just my oppinion


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    My own experiences with one local fella that new his ground well ensured our early rise and walk to the high seats were always rewarded.

    After settling in the seat its great to see and hear the wood come alive..

    Following the gralloch we would then have a stalk through the wood


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    I believe that Ronie Rose has detailed accounts over the last eon and the magic hour seems to be 9.30AM..


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