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Thread: swarovski customer care

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    swarovski customer care

    hi guys

    i have read a lot of very good reports about swarovski's customer care etc. as some will have read from a previous post a young friend died this year and he wanted to leave some swarovski kit for his very young lads if they decided to take up shooting in later years. he left a z6i, range finder and a set of binos. They will be in storage i would imagine for close to 15 years before the boys will be able to use them. i emailed a customer service email address in Austria and also completed the online form but haven't heard back from either in over two weeks, i don't think this is normal given the good reports i have read. Does anyone have a uk email address or phone number that i can seek advise on the recommended method for storing the kit etc. We all can apply common sense to the storage of the kit i.e. remove the batteries and ensure they are kept dry and ventilated etc but i would still like to hear it from the manufacturers.

    thanks keith

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    I called them today and got an answer machine message that they are moving premises. That may explain it?
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    Hi Keith,

    Just contacted them regarding a scope repair. Try I always get a prompt reply with any queries. I thinks the ladies name is Jo.

    Cheers Rob

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    Sent my EL's to them this week. They arrived safe. I spoke to them down in their place near Crawley. Superb service. Always has been. Need a good looking at since the Missus bounced them and put a nice big ding in them. Being sent to Austria tomorrow.
    No point trying to contact overseas. Use their UK agent as above.


    Sorry didn't add the number

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    thanks for the replies, i was surprised that i didnt get a response to both queries as it goes against the great reports that i hear and read. one of the trade members has forwarded my query to them.


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