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Thread: Good traditional gunshops - name your favourites, past and present

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    Good traditional gunshops - name your favourites, past and present

    Following on from Pine Marten's bad experience in London name your favourite gun and rifle shops - past and present.
    For me my favourites are / were:

    Brock and Norris:

    Mike Norris - not exactly old-fashioned as he is at the top of his game and the new shop is uber modern. Absolute gentleman and customer service is top notch.

    R. MacLeod of Tain, Scottish Highlands:
    Gregor MacLeod is just a top bloke to deal with and the shop is definitely a place to not drive past.

    Highland Ordnance Co., Dunvegan, Isle of Skye:
    Ben Miller - total legend - knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and always gives me the best deal he can. The shop is full of all sorts of things and there's always something to tempt you to part with cash. Started me on reloading over 20 years ago and haven't looked back.

    Shooters Supplies, Luib, Isle of Skye:
    No longer there now, but it was hidden at the back of the Pipers' Moon Tea Room. Coffee and cake and gun oil....excellent.

    Grahams Gunshop, Castle Street, Inverness
    Always something to buy. Good selection of kit and ammo. Good service, though it can be busy at times. And if you're into fly fishing you'll be there for hours!

    Ormistons, Inverness:
    Not sure if it's still there, but it used to be a great wee shop.

    Highland Industrial Supplies (HIS), Inverness
    The don't yet sell guns, rifles and cartridges, but great selection of accessories, clothing and a massive selection of hardware.

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    Arnold Heal, Newport, IW - A small traditional gunshop with a surprisingly large stock range and at good prices. The owner Jai Nolan is very helpful.

    Mulliners, Wimborne, Dorset - A wonderful stock of high quality rifles & shotguns, well worth a visit and again Ian Mulliner is very helpful.

    atb Tim

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    whats cluny country store like to deal with for optics

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    I liked Calum Fergusons work shop when he was down nr me at langholm used to pick my ammo from him and also get my rifles tweaked . I also go to the Weldon gunroom 80miles each way but worth the fuel if looking for rifles and Bywell shooting ground is only 5 miles down the road from them for shotguns.

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    Not rifles i know, English shotguns only. Real old fashioned shop just as things used to be, Careys of Ledbury and Malcolm Carey is really one of the old school.

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    Feild Sports Equipe in Rhyl North Wales when Reg was alive.
    You walked through the door he insulted you and then closed the shop and took you for coffee

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    Alan brays gunshop used to be in Hinckley Leicestershire
    Went in there from when I was a kid and he always had time for me
    sadly Alan had to sell the shop after he got tied up set fire too and robbed !
    Regards Andy

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    Stensby's of Manchester( now gone), and York guns when they were in King St.

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    i have always found robin at cluny optics sound atb the highlander

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    Radcliffes in Colchester was the Aladdin's Cave of my youth, but got no idea if it still exists. Also used to visit a little place in Norwich to spend my christmas pocket money on purse nets and stuff like that.

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