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Thread: Another new reloading supplier?

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    Another new reloading supplier?

    I was looking for brass and see Davie has branched out - Lapua, Dansk Gevaer (UK) Reloading Consumables prices look keen to me. Regards JCS

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    a nice bloke to do business with, and he already has a strong following for his target shooting and reloading measurement equipment
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    I still have a load more things to add however there is a fair amount already in the shop. My goal is to make reloading consumables more accessible to UK reloaders by keeping prices down as much as possible so you should see some significant discounts over list prices on the site. Not added yet are Redding, RCBS, LE Wilson and K&M plus Sightron and Nightforce to name a few and all of these products will be listed with significant savings on UK list prices. I will not say we cannot be beaten on prices however I will do my utmost to make this the case.

    One small thing to note - Shipping Prices on consumables. We will have flat rate charges for shipping within the United Kingdom based on several weight classes.

    Right now the weights have not been implemented so you will automatically be charged GBP8.60 for every order! We will of course issue a refund if there is a difference in postage and will endeavour to complete all of the weights ASAP so the shipping is correctly displayed. Some of the items we sell are very light (Cleaning brushes and similar) So I would always people tack such items onto an existing order to keep shipping costs .

    Also coming shortly is a range of rifle actions and chassis systems built here in the UK that we believe are world class and offer features not seen in anything on the market right now. The design and production of these rifle systems is a collaborative affair with Robert Chombart designer of C.G INCH, RPA and Millennium and the C.G Trigger along with Chris Quatermaine of Action Clear and I am incredibly excited to have been asked to get involved in the manufacturing side of a new generation of UK manufactured rifle actions, the actions will be at the IWA in March however I may just have one or two in my pocket at the UK Shooting Show

    Finally if there is anything anyone needs that is not yet listed please shout and I will add it to the shop if it can be sourced.

    DANSK GEVAER (Danish Rifles) is accessible via and/or depending on how good your spelling is!

    The shiny stuff from the Shooting SHED continues as normal..

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