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Thread: Bits and Bobs to help get people started

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    Bits and Bobs to help get people started

    Hi all,

    I've been having a bit of a spring clean and found lots of odd bits that are surplus to requirement. I'm keen to support those starting up in the sport in the same vein as people have been kind to me and so I'm offering the following free to those who are setting out in our sport. If you are a little longer in the tooth, but want something on the list, I'd be happy to still supply, but perhaps for a nominal H4H donation.

    I would be grateful if all H4H donations were directed to Stav as sponsorship of his H4H run as per his recent thread. His sponsorship page:

    In the box:

    1 of Ruger M77 Mk2 two scope rings - 30mm high (did a 56mm objective with a hairs breadth to spare) - Blued, but one matt and one shinier - Landkeeper
    1 of Ruger M77 Mk2 two scope rings - 25mm high - blued
    1 of Nikko Stirling scope rings - 25mm medium - blued, weaver base

    2 of 25x18mm figure of eight scope clamps (for lasers etc)
    1 of Picatinny Mounted sling stud - Hobbesy
    1 of Shotgun recoil reduction pad (aerated rubber sort) - Stratts
    1 of Cluson variable mount for scope mounted lamps
    1 of Deben Variable switch for Tracer etc. lamps (and Lightforce) - has the Deben bullet connection - Karbon77
    2 of Remote Rat tail switches for generic C8 LED torches
    1 of Dynamic SN1 Air rifle pellets - unopened - Stratts
    1 of 9-13 bipod - cheap chinese job - but it works - Robert1666
    1 of Beartooth Neoprene APG Comb Raiser with various inserts to cater for different heights - Morty

    1 of DPM Goretex Jacket 180/104 - so 42" chest - Ronan
    1 of DPM Goretex Overtrouser - 85/88/104 - so 32-36" elasticated waist, 32" leg - Stig
    1 of DPM Windproof Jacket - 180/96 - so 40" chest - Simon1979
    1 of Highlander 'Forces 44' Rucksack - Olive Green - Quiteman

    1 pr Regatta Isotex Walking Boots - 43/9 - virtually unused - in best stalking navy blue - Ronan

    Please PM me - first PM come, first served.
    ....may be more to follow.....!!
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    Hi Eric,
    Is there any chance at all of some free gear, most importantly the forces rucksack but anything at all would be greatly appreciated as it will be put to great use!

    Keep up the stalking

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    any chance of this items,quite happy to make a donation to h4h atb
    1 of Beartooth Neoprene APG Comb Raiser with various inserts to cater for different heights
    1 of Deben Variable switch for Tracer etc. lamps (and Lightforce) - has the Deben bullet connection

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    Top man ETR, as generous as ever.

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    quality offer eric well done pal.
    Galloway Deer Stalking

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    great offer, many thanks

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    Well done that man.


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    i,d like to thank eric the red for asking for donation's to go to h4h but also for my sponsership page aswell for h4h, my mate and i are hoping to raise 1k.
    i,ve started my training today all be it a power walk more than a run lol but was for 3 1/2 hours with some monster hills and all off road!!!
    so big thanks again to E T R for his support.

    many thanks again
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    Well done Eric PM sent , good luck to Stav

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    E t R,

    what can i say, he has helped me no end, in fact he has some bits i may need in my new job (not spoke about the flat cap yet Si.)

    he is one of the few people on this forum that i have had the great pleasure of meeting and a top man is an understatement.

    by the way the gators arrived today , the other parcel was a fox pro caller main board that i have just built into a remote long range waterproof caller.

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