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    hi. im from the harrogate area. shooting and fishing is my life really, from salmon fishing in scotland to air rifling rats. shoot over alot of land in my area, controlling vermin number eg rabbit crow, shooting about 1000 rabbit and similar amount of crows, fox control between 25-50 a year depending on work commitments. i also manage a small amount of deer, roe mainly. having about 30-40 on verious bits of land. i am quite protective of my small amount of deer and try to keep them at a similar number of head. mainly shooting bucks and very old does. not a lover of shooting a good doe when i might be able to look after her and shoot 5 or 6 off her. not into shooting massive heads or great amount of numbers. hate to see people writing about killing loads of deer just for the sake of it trying to show off, just make you a tool in my eyes. dsc1 working toward 2.
    any questions please ask.
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    Welcome to the site Jase

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    Welcome to the site... Nice part of the country your way, don't shoot there but occasionally get out on the crags. My dad manages a couple of the woods over there, nice deciduous woodland, not commercial.

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    do you walk around malham then. i have a lot of land around that kind of area. which area roughly are you from?

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    Welcome fellow Yorkie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorkshire lad View Post
    do you walk around malham then. i have a lot of land around that kind of area. which area roughly are you from?
    I haven't been to Malham in years, generally if I go up its to either almscliffe or brimham. I'm from near Stokesley so a way east of you. My dad has woods round knaresborough.

    Your ground will be lovely if it's up round Malham... Gods own country!

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    thats a part of the world ive not really been to. think ive shot pheasants around there, along time ago.

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    theres a good head of roe around knaresborough and some beautiful woods

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    Welcome from Cheshire Lad for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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