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Thread: This afternoons munties......

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    This afternoons munties......

    Attachment 23802Thought my afternoon would be far better spent in pursuit of deer rather than work, funny that......shot 2 nice little bucks, the second of which is the second biggest I've ever had, very pleased although not a medal, also bumped a herd of 36 red hinds and calves but sadly didn't get a chance at any of them which was my actual reason for heading out! Still, chuffed with the munties, plus also got a very old dog fox to throw into the mix, then on the way back to the truck, added o the bag with a munty doe as well. I can go months without shooting any muties on this patch and then 3 in one session. Happy days!

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    Well done mate
    im out for muntjac in the morning and cwd in the afternoon and I'm looking forward to the Munties in the snow
    Regards andy

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    well done nice bucks

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    Couple of nice bucks you managed there, well done!

    The buck on the right can't be far off a medal surely?


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    I thought so initially, but only one of the antlers has a brow tine, and there would be points lost due to lack of symetry, I have caped him though as he is the second largest I've had, the other being a gold medal, but back then I neither had the money, space, or accomodating woman to accept a mounted head in the house so it is boiled out as a skull mount, kinda fancy a nice munty buck for the wall though, I'll be sending him off to Clare Fowler at some point I'm sure!

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