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    Hi there Chaps,My names Karl and guess what calibre rifle I use I do alot of deer stalking I have just recently passed my DSC level 2,I live in East Yorkshire I mainly shoot Roe but have got some good contacts up in Scotland where we go shoot Red.Karl.

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    Hello Karl, I agree with you about the 7-08, there's a bit of a following for the calibre on here. Mine shoots boat tail bullets very acurrately (the older model tikka's are great - just sako's without the badge,same barrels allegedly.
    Roe are definitely where my interest lies too.
    Well done on the level two,I think that most people who haven't done this are aware of the importance of it.
    Like I say, good to have another tikka 7-08 enthusiast on here, I'm sure we can make the rest of the membership see the light - I just hope there's enough 595's & m55's to go round! Danny

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    Hi Karl
    Welcome to the site, I expect there are quite a few Karls in easy Yorkshire but I dont suppose your the the one who stalk a bit with JR and Steve??


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    Wayne, Yes it is, I dont think there are many Karls in East Yorkshire with a 7mm08. How are you doing?

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    Not so bad mate, hope your well.
    You better get Steve on here how I can take the p**s out of his fox shooting prowess
    You seen much of old fox lover Robbo lately ( i hope he doesn't spot this thread ) Did he tell you I sent him a dvd at xmas of video clips of foxes (live ones)


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    Oh yes he watches it all the time ,I enjoy taking him on some of my ground stalking where we dont shoot the foxes and nearly always you'll get 1 walk by,does wonders for your self control,trigger fingers off like hell
    He's just helped me get through my DSC 2,so to repay the favour I took him out for a buck and has luck would have it we spotted 1 and he took it out with his 6.5x55 it was a low neck shot 'FREE HAND' @102YRDS,now theres deffo nobody else I would of allowed to take a shot like that on my ground,Ive got a pic,
    Are you shooting many???

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    Hi Karl
    Nice one, he looks bloody happy in the photo
    We had a good spring on the Munties, I've left my best Roe ground alone until the rut. Had a nice boar the other night (see the WildBoar section)
    Mostly been spending my spare time building a load of new highseats for the deer and a tower for the boar.

    We didnt make it up this spring just too much on but I think we've got an invite in the winter.
    I think John and Rich might be down with us for the Fallow rut and Johns coming down to Dorset again with me in November.
    Works mad at the moment so roll on the winter


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    karl welcome to the site
    i think it should be renamed the 7 mm 08 owners club
    pete .

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    Sounds good
    makes you laugh,my mate ordered a Sako 85 in 7mm08 and they told him cos its in 7mm08 it'll be 9mths to make it,how shits that!!!!

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    karl had the same problemb about six months ago
    so bought a sako 75 second hand had it rebarrled
    and rechambered 7mm 08 ackley improved

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