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Thread: Newbie east lothian

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    Newbie east lothian

    Hi everyone.

    Just registered on here after being shown the forum. I'm currently doing my NC Gamekeeping course at borders college, so looking to do abit reading up and asking advice.

    currently only have sgc not fac, although will hopefully apply for that soon once i complete my dsc1 at college - which we are studying for now.


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    Where in EL are you?

    I'm just outside Haddington - there are a few of us on the site from the area

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome, glad to see you on here, lots of useful info and advice on here frae like-minded folks.
    Reiver XXV

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    Hello SpanielMad .... hmmmm ... no prizes for guessing your fav breed ha! How's college going? .... envious!

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    Welcome to the site. Still want the walnut?

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    Nah u can keep the walnut still Simon. Zebra wood would be fine, or nicely done tulip haha

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    Welcome and enjoy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spanielmad View Post
    Nah u can keep the walnut still Simon. Zebra wood would be fine, or nicely done tulip haha
    You have very good taste my friend! You have my number don't you?

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    Welcome to the site SM. Im often up there visiting family - lovely part of the world. Good luck with the books.

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