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Thread: Leupold RX-1 6x23 Range finder

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    Leupold RX-1 6x23 Range finder

    Hi All

    Here we have for sale my Leupold RX-1 range finder...bought 5 years from Cabellas in the US for a lot of money..Im sure it was over 200 or $300 dollars or therabouts at the time...

    Hardly used (only used for setting out range targets and zeroing rifles) but brilliant quality optics with lots of adjustable settings to record distance in yards feet or metres, temp in c or f...and choice of reticules

    extremely accurate range finder right up there with some of the 'high end' range finders.......only selling as I have lost bins and want to upgrade to a pair with range finders built in.

    Im looking for 150 posted RMSD or will consider p/ex against binoculars with range finder built in with appropriate cash exchange..


    Price drop 135 posted?
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    Sorry...I thought it was in my title...East Anglia..>Suffolk

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    Are these still available?

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