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Thread: Foxpro Scorpion Loose wire?

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    Foxpro Scorpion Loose wire?

    Got a Foxcallpro Scorpion second hand a couple of years ago, great bit of kit but the wire from the battery holder to the board has come loose.Will this need to go back?, could I get it fixed localy?, has anyone else had this happen?I know sod all about electrics, I burn heather & kill things for a living!!!!Any sugestions welcome, thanks.

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    Hi Bud

    if you got it second hand then they will not touch it,

    it can be done locally if you have someone handy with a screw driver and a soldering iron,

    I have just built a long range fox pro spitfire caller and they come to bits no bother.

    just ask on here if anyone local to you can do it.


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