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Thread: Working Border Collie Breeders

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    Working Border Collie Breeders

    Anyone know of working strain breeders of Border Collies in Southern England/South West England ? Many Thanks, Tony

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    Got good contacts in South East England (East Anglia) if that's any help?
    Failing that, come to Wales...

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    Thanks VSS for the heads up...needs to be fairly local ....Many Thanks,Tony

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    No worries mate. Just get in touch if you find you need to widen your search area.
    Farmer's Guardian is a fairly good place for working dog adverts, or you could contact the ISDS (International Sheep Dog Society) to find breeders in your area.

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    Many Thanks for that VSS will do,our last dog was acquired less than a mile away..but the breeder has packed it in. Cheers Mate.

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