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Thread: Combination Gun - have got it

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    Combination Gun - have got it

    Picked up my Heinrich Munch 16 Bore / 7x65R over an under combination gun last friday from Holts Auctioneers - I must admit I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again - very helpful and knowledgeable. They gave me a condition report which gave it as good condition, whereas actually it appears to be virtually unused, albeit stored for quite a while.

    So for less than the cost of a sako, I have got myself a beautifully made weapon complete with a Zeiss 6x42 in a claw mount. The shotgun barrel has already accounted for half a dozen gray squirrels and a couple of pigeons. It also has very good open sights - like a big express rifle and you can just imagine a charging boar / buffalo etc.

    I have secured some RWS 156 gn cone point ammo, and first impressions of the rifle barrel - given that I have only tested it on a 30 metre range - is that it will be pretty accurate and am expecting 1inch to 1.5inch group at 100 yds. It definately has a kick, but that is to be expected in a 7lb rifle shooting a 156gn bullet at 2800 fps - but the rifle barrel is less than the 16 bore kick and in the field it won't be an issue, particularly once I have shot it a bit - you always notice recoil more when you are shooting at targets. The stock does need lengthening a bit for me and will probably put on a good recoil pad - currently just has a wooden checkered butt.

    It's a non ejector - but that I don't think will be a problem as the empty rifle cases simply fall out if you hold the barrels up, and you can reload a 2nd or third shot pretty quickly. OK not as quick as a bolt action, but just make sure first shot is good. It is also very quiet to load - non of the clatter of a bolt action. It will also be a very good travelling gun as it breaks down like a shot gun into a short case.

    Now I just need to find the time to get out after some bucks!

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    We need to see photos

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    Welcome to an exclusive club!

    Congratulations on your new baby - we need to see pictures!

    Rgds Ian

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    Congrats on the new gun 8)

    I'm getting a combi this summer 12 / 7x57R

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    Here some piccies - looking down the barrels over the open sights

    The whole rifle

    A close up of the action

    So you can see why I am pretty pleased with it.

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    Piccies don't seem to have come into the post - Help please!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heym SR20
    Piccies don't seem to have come into the post - Help please!!
    Gun looks beautiful

    To get you pics to appear in the post you need to use the following code format:


    Remove the stars, then the pic will work!

    You need to use the code provided in PhotoBucket where it says: IMG Code (the bottom option on the left hand side, simply copy and paste it into your post!

    I think this is what you were hoping to do:

    I hope you don't mind me doing it for you?


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    Nice one, what size shot will you be loading in the shotgun barrels when out stalking?

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    Thanks for sorting out the piccies - just waht I wanted.

    When stalking I expect I will just have the rifle barrel loaded as don't want to be distracted, but will have few No6's in my pocket for rabbits, pigeons etc. - on the bit of ground I shoot over there are plenty of these, but leaving a .22 or shotty in the car whilst stalking is a complete no no.

    And on the hill if you had a very generous host you could imagine picking up brace of grouse whilst the gold medal Imperial stag is being brought off the hill on the pony, before ambling off to the river and landing a fresh 20lb salmon.

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